After conducting several focus groups over the course of a few weeks, the Communications team at Education Service Center (ESC) Region 12, including myself, chose to develop a customer awareness campaign. The campaign, which is still in the introductory stages of implementation, provides customers with useful information to improve their experience with ESC Region 12. 

The team (which consists of only 2 full-time staff members and one part-time staff member) chose to implement a campaign using fliers and posters at our facility for customers attending trainings, as well as online videos on our YouTube channel and on strategic pages throughout the organization's website.

As part of this project, I wrote scripts for all the online videos, which also led to the copy used on the printed fliers and posters, in addition to creating a campaign logo (shown above right). 

This campaign will be implemented beginning in late June 2013, and will continue to evolve and grow in order to remain effective in informing customers of important information.