As Communications & Graphic Design Officer for Education Service Center Region 12, I plan and produce five yearly publications. These publications have a consistent look and feel, promote ESC Region 12 in different ways, and are distributed to different audiences.

Please click the title of each publication to view a PDF. 

Programs & Services Book

  •  Content: Programs and services offered by ESC Region 12 to area districts and charter schools, sold upfront in the summer of the previous school year for which programs and services are purchased.
  •  Audience: Superintendents & business managers
  • Distribution:  This publication is hand-delivered to superintendents by ESC Region 12 staff who provide personalized assistance in selecting and purchasing programs and services.
  • Implemented Improvement:  For the 2013-2014 Programs & Services Book, produced in late spring 2013, I implemented a complete redesign from the previous books. This publication was improved to become a more effective marketing tool, rather just a method of providing information. This new look will also be implemented in all 2013-2014 publications and remain for the years following until another update is needed.

Annual Performance Report

  • Content: Yearly information including internal service numbers, regional student performance, highlights from the year, economy and efficiency of operations, and client satisfaction.
  • Audience: ESC Region 12 board members & staff members, some area superintendents
  • Distribution:  This publication is distributed to board members at the first board meeting of the year in September, to staff at the September staff meeting and to local superintendents upon request.
  • Implemented Improvement: I updated the design to reflect the new look I introduced in 2011 via the events catalog. I also reorganized the information to be read in a more structured and easy-to-digest manner. 

Fall/Winter Events Catalog & Spring/Summer Events Catalog

  • Content:  Trainings/sessions provided during the year. (Fall/Winter covers September 1 to January 31, and Spring/Summer covers January 1 to August 31.)
  • Audience: All potential customers, including teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, curriculum directors, and other educator.
  • Distribution:  The catalog is distributed via mail to all campuses in the Region 12 service area, to superintendents, and to any customers who have a subscription. 
  • Implemented Improvement:  More than 14,000 catalogs were printed in the past, but the distribution didn't correlate to registration numbers as significantly as website traffic. Thus, I developed an implemented an action plan to move the catalog to subscription only. Rather than distributing a large number of catalogs to each campus, we now limit distribution to two per campus, two per superintendent and one per subscriber. The entire look will be updated in 2013 to match the new Programs & Services Book.

Region 12 Directory

  • Content: Contact information for all district superintendents and campus principals, holiday calendars for all area districts, and a listing of ESC Region 12 staff.
  • Audience: Region 12 area superintendents and ESC Region 12 staff.
  • Distribution:  Directories are mailed to superintendents and delivered to staff at a staff meeting.
  • Implemented Improvement:  The directory text was reorganized and reformatted to improve readability in 2012, but the entire look will be updated in 2013.