In my role as Communications & Graphic Design Officer at Education Service Center (ESC) Region 12, I served a quality control function in three major ways. These include communications project management, event review and approval, as well as training staff in the areas of social media and event/program/service marketing.

Communications Project Management

While serving as an intern at ESC Region 12, I created a new calendar system for organizing communications projects (pictured below), which has remained throughout my time as a full-time staff member as well. All communications staff and interns now utilize this master calendar to organize, record and maintain projects. This calendar is set up on a large dry-erase board, with taped off calendar boxes, as well as a master to-do list along the left-hand side.

This also includes the creation of a spreadsheet to document monthly tasks completed. This spreadsheet contains different categories for types of projects, and each month a tally is recorded for each of those projects to enter into the spreadsheet. This gives our communications staff quantifiable information regarding completed work. 

Quality Control for Events

At ESC Region 12, I served as the final approver for all professional development events and trainings that entered the registration system and became available for customers to register. 

In so doing, I would review and determine whether all information listed was correct, whether it would be effective from a marketing standpoint, and whether any element of the registration process for that particular event would be confusing or cause a problem for customers.  This included determining whether the date or location of a session needed to be change, whether the billing information was accurate, and whether the description was appropriate, informative and error-free.


I also trained internal staff in the areas of social media and marketing.

For social media, this required that I serve as the resident expert in the area of social media, as well as training and guiding staff in what social media is, what its purpose is, and how it can be used effectively with customers. This included a process to determine whether or not social media is a good fit for reaching the target audience, and whether this channel is appropriate based on time commitment, knowledge of web 2.0 tools and availability of regular content.

For marketing, I trained staff to use the templates the communications department made available for staff to create their own marketing pieces when communications staff was not available to assist due to project volume. This training included some technical guidance on using Microsoft Publisher (the templates were created for Publisher due to organization-wide software availability), a process for determining what information to include on these pieces, and also how to choose what type of document to produce (flier, brochure, save-the-date, etc.).